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Size:M/L (adjustable)


Description: This one-of-a-kind, up-cycled set is made from an electric blue, genuine leather, vintage skirt, transformed in to this sexy matching set! We cut out triangular panels from the skirt and used them to make the top, therefore, this is also a zero waste item, and therefore one of the most sustainable . The top features mixed metal stainless steel hardware in both gold and silver tones, and both top and skirt are decked out in gold and silver Greek key trim. The skirt also features some truly unique beaded fringe which makes it super fun to dance and move around in.  The top is highly adjustable in its fit as there is plenty of extra chain and loops both at the neck and in the back. The skirt will fit as a higher waist on size L or lower waist on size M.


Environmental Considerations: This is an zero waste, up-cycled item made from a vintage genuine leather skirt.

Electric Passions Matching Set

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