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Size: Unisex S/M


***Please note: Unisex S/M is ready to ship now. Unisex L/XL are still being made & will be available soon in the next generation of color options! To pre-order the larger size please submit a contact form.***


Description: This limited run, full-zip windbreaker is a super special one. After many years of up-cycling vintage windbreakers, we have finally leveled up to making our own from scratch - still handmade in LA as always. The Babylon Windbreaker features a reflective, purple/black duo-tone exterior, adorned with gold & black Greek key trim outlining a black snakeprint chevron panel. This black snakeprint panel is printed velvet. The lightweight, silk lining is a fun, art-deco style print featuring black, white, purple, and lime green.  ***Please note: Unisex S/M is ready to ship. Unisex L/XL size is available only as a limited pre-order at this time. Please allow 4-8 weeks production time for any L/XL orders. S/M will ship immediately.***


Environmental Considerations: Small batch, sustainable, local production in Los Angeles. Lining is made from donated fabric that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Athens Bomber Jacket

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