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Size: Men's L/One Size Fits Most

(double's as oversized T-dress for women)

Description: Made in collaboration with Telly Bowie, this soft, leightweight, and breathable burnout velvet men's T or women's T-dress features a grey, black, and tan tie die layered with the burnout print. For the men - the curved hem provides a relaxed but high end fit. For my girls - the cured hem in the back is specifically designed to still cover even when you raise your hands above your head! (Yes, even for the long-torso babes out there.) Belted or unbelted, this is the perfect versitile item for any gender! It can be your comfy festival fit, your out to dinner look, your afterparty attire, or your high-end loungewear!


Environmental Considerations: Low-waste pattern. Small production - handmade in LA.

Tyros Burnout Velvet T - Telly Bowie Collab.

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